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On the Hello Healthcare podcast, we discuss consumerism, tech disruptors, and revenue strategies with innovative healthcare leaders that have inspiring stories to tell. Subscribe to receive emails when new episodes are released.

Healthcare Marketing - The Realm of Quantitative and Qualitative Data, ft. Danny Fell &...
Healthcare Economics 101 - The Rise of Data for Member Engagement, ft. Aaron Novotny
A Story of Digital Transformation for Healthcare Consumers, ft. Scott Orstad
The Battle for the Future of Healthcare, ft. James Gardner
Data-Driven Partnerships for Marketing Strategies, ft. Mount Sinai
How To Maximize Your Pop Health Strategies, ft. Amy Comeau
Moving from Patient Engagement to Patient Enablement, ft. Brian Mullen
The Secrets of Content Marketing, ft. Ahava Leibtag
The Evolution of Healthcare Marketing, ft. Larry Meade


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About Hello Healthcare

The Hello Healthcare podcast first debuted in August 2021 with the mission of helping healthcare leaders stay on top of the latest trends and succeed in a rapidly changing industry. We are passionate about inspiring industry leaders to create a better future in healthcare. We strive to create meaningful conversations with healthcare leaders to provide real-world examples of how to create positive change and improve their engagement and retention with healthcare consumers, marketing strategies, operational efficiencies, outreach effectiveness, and more.

Each episode of the Hello Healthcare podcast features interviews with healthcare leaders that have achieved amazing results and have an inspiring story to tell. Interviews take place at notable conferences including the Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit (HMPS) and the Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC). The experiences and insights shared are invaluable and provide tremendous value to our listeners.

Podcast Host


Alan Tam

Podcast Host
Hello Healthcare

As the Podcast Host for Hello Healthcare and Chief Marketing Officer at Actium Health, Alan Tam is on a mission to help healthcare accelerate their digital transformation and advancement of the healthcare consumer experience. Through story telling and sharing insights from innovative healthcare leaders, Alan is hoping to drive meaningful impact and change to healthcare one conversation at a time.

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