Health AI University: 4-Part Series


Session 1: Understanding AI & the Impact on Healthcare

We discuss strategies to start with your goal and back into an AI strategy to reach your goals. AI isn’t the goal – it is a low-cost tool to help achieve outcomes.

Session 2: Understanding AI & Machine Learning

We discuss Machine Learning vs. Rules-Based logic in AI models – explaining how machine learning actually trains the model – feeding results back into the program to make the model perform smarter.

Session 3: Understanding Model Performance

We discuss applying machine learning to a predictive model for patients at risk for cardiovascular surgery.

Session 4: Evaluating Vendor Data Pipelines, What’s in the Near Future for AI

We discuss real-world evaluation strategies for leaders looking at AI vendors.


Designed for Healthcare Leaders and Data Enthusiasts alike … Every healthcare leader will have to make decisions on AI. These decisions impact everything from how we plan operations to how we engage patients. Without masters degrees in data science, how do we know that our data strategies will accurately & ethically address our populations?

Please join us for a 4-part mini-series demystifying Health Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

You’ll learn about which AI use cases are most effective today, and you’ll learn the right questions and metrics to evaluate & compare these solutions.

Strategic healthcare leaders will benefit from these sessions to help you build confidence in your abilities to make informed decisions on AI in Patient Engagement, Population Health, Access Centers, PRM and other business and clinical applications. Though we will not delve into programming these solutions, AI and data practitioners are welcome as well to help reinforce data strategy, data ethics, & data storytelling skills.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand AI technologies
  • Learn AI vocabulary
  • Map AI strategies
  • Evaluate AI solutions
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Joe Schmid

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Chris Hemphill

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