Will Walmart Health Take Over Healthcare?



The opposite of transactional is relationship, and with their extensive use of data, no one understands this better than Walmart. What’s happening as they start engaging consumer & patient relationships (and ultimately the transactions) in healthcare?

Healthcare marketing consultant & professor James A. Gardner discussed his Walmart Health research extensively in recent CNBC documentary, “How Walmart Plans to Take over Healthcare.”

We’re digging deeper into this research to uncover Walmart’s strategies and the implications for your market:

  • Economies of scale with national delivery
  • Clash of the Titans: Walmart, Amazon, CVS, etc.,
  • Walmart Health’s branding and the implications in your market
James Gardner

James A. Gardner

Managing Director
Topline Partners

Chris Hemphill

Chris Hemphill

VP, Applied AI & Growth
Actium Health


Audrey Wyman

Manager of Customer Success
Actium Health



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