Reveal Clear Next
Steps Through
Clouds of Data

Supercharge your CRM strategy to unleash the
true value of accumulated patient data.

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Send pre-diabetes newsletter
Trusted by leading health systems

Actium Health’s
CENTARI™ Platform

Artificial intelligence for incredibly human patient outreach.

How it works

We begin by training our models on your organization’s siloed customer data sets.


Our AI models uncover hidden correlations to identify and predict patient needs, preferences and risks.

Next best actions for every patient are prioritized according to your goals, initiating proactive, one-to-one digital dialogues.


Actium’s AI-driven next best actions and digital marketing tools are tailored to meet your organization’s most pressing needs, from improving retention to managing high-risk patients and driving service-line growth.

Value-Based Care

Actium’s proactive, hyper-personalized outreach drives lifetime value, closes care gaps and reduces total cost of care.

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By accurately predicting individual patient risks, Actium helps shift your organization’s focus from treatment to prevention.

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Maximize service-line and revenue growth by identifying and influencing your highest-risk patients.

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Powering Health System

Clarity to Act
Your solution to data overload, Actium Health identifies, prioritizes, & initiates clear next steps for every patient.
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Maximize Lifetime Value
Reverse declining patient loyalty and achieve maximum patient value through hyper-relevant outreach.
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Perfect Attribution
Gain the unprecedented ability to tie outcomes and business metrics to individual patient actions.
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Strategy & Expertise
Your success is assured with world-class support from the leading minds in data intelligence.
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Find the Clarity You’ve Been Missing

Learn how Actium Health’s all-in-one intelligence and activation solutions are driving improved quality, outcomes, and revenue for innovative health systems nationwide.

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