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Actium Health is transforming clouds of patient data into a clear plan of action for every patient you serve.

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Actium Health was founded because we believe healthcare needs a radically new approach to build and strengthen relationships with consumers via proactive communication. 

Our CENTARI™ platform employs the industry’s most sophisticated AI models to consolidate and analyze vast stores of accumulated patient data, accurately predicting future healthcare needs and generating personalized and prioritized next best actions for each individual patient.

Our one-to-one outreach campaigns are quickly initiated in a way that’s scalable, attributable, and thanks to continuous feedback and machine learning, always improving. 

Together with our innovative partners at the nation’s leading health systems, Actium is helping to eliminate the waste and inefficiency of traditional healthcare delivery while simultaneously establishing trusted relationships with healthcare consumers that were once unthinkable.

By helping to deliver truly individualized, relevant content, we’re empowering health systems to make new connections and build loyalty by getting people the care they need. If your organization is ready to invest in a fundamentally better patient experience, Actium Health is the intelligence partner you’ve been looking for.

Our Leadership

Michael Linnert
Founder & CEO
Michael is on a mission to help healthcare organizations—from healthcare providers to payers—leverage their audience data to enhance patient engagement, improve health outcomes, and exceed business goals. At Actium, he’s successfully guiding those organizations through the consumerization journey to meet their patients where they are. Prior to founding Actium Health, Michael was the GM North America of Persado, VP Client Development at BeVocal/Nuance, General Partner at TCV, and an investment banker at Goldman Sachs.

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