Revolutionizing Healthcare Marketing: A Look at the Current State

Findings from a survey of healthcare marketers reveal priorities, budgets, successes and failures, and how best to activate patients.

revolutionizing healthcare marketing

The healthcare industry has long been considered a complex and challenging space for marketers. However, with the ever-evolving digital landscape, the healthcare industry is ripe for a revolution in marketing. Today, healthcare marketers are faced with a unique set of challenges, from navigating strict regulations to growing patient volume. But with the right strategy and tools, healthcare marketers can successfully reach and engage their target audiences.

Access the industry report to learn about:

  • Today’s priorities and measures of successes
  • The responsibility of driving appointment bookings
  • Which tactics and tools are most effective for activating patients
  • Meeting goals in today’s uncertain economic landscape



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"To meet patients' expectations, achieve loyalty and drive improved health outcomes, healthcare systems and providers need to think beyond patient engagement, to patient activation."

Michael Linnert, Founder and CEO, Actium Health

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