Tracking American Sentiment:
Managing Healthcare is Hard

New research reveals the gap between Americans’ desire to be proactive about their health and the difficulties of putting that into practice.

Tracking American Sentiment

We make it difficult for everyday Americans to meet their healthcare goals. They are forced to navigate insurance complexities and a fragmented experience to support a consumer’s individual health needs. This research reveals that Americans are seeking ways to improve their overall health and wellness but that obstacles get in the way of achieving those goals.

Access the research report to learn about:

  • Americans’ pandemic health
  • Preventative care challenges
  • The provider-patient partnership
  • New strategies to fill healthcare journey gaps



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"Ultimately, if we can close the gap between people who want to be proactive about their healthcare and those who are, we can drive better outcomes, lower costs and improve the overall experience with the system."

Michael Linnert, Founder and CEO, Actium Health

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