Actium Health – A Clear Plan for Every Patient


We're excited to announce that SymphonyRM is now Actium Health. 

A lot has changed in healthcare. New initiatives in digital transformation and digital front door, the rise of retail health, the adoption of telehealth and the explosion of patient engagement and experience technologies—all significantly accelerated by the pandemic and driven by healthcare consumer behaviors and expectations. 

However, what hasn’t changed is the abundance of data in healthcare, much of which has exponentially increased through the new initiatives and technologies above. Health systems are in the throes of data paralysis, vaguely aware of the value within their disparate sources of information, but still struggling to turn that chaotic mix of siloed data into concrete action plans for outreach and engagement.

That’s why we're excited to renew our focus and mission, doubling down on a new brand and name that reflects our promise: clarity to act.

The new name—Actium Health—speaks to the company’s strength in transforming data analytics and insights into concrete patient actions. Actium was the site of the battle that gave birth to the Roman Empire, and it’s an auspicious name for a company that’s a leader in CRM intelligence and patient activation.

Actium Health delivers the missing intelligence in your health data. We collect, process, and prioritize patient data from all available sources—and unleash its vast, untapped potential, accurately predicting not only current and future patient needs, but also the messages and channels most likely to inspire action. 

Where Others See Patient Data, We See Human Potential