Infographic: AI + Patient Engagement Fast Facts


Digital solutions and technologies are transforming how healthcare is delivered and new competitors are entering the market from nontraditional industries such as retail and payers. With new challengers, healthcare professionals need to refocus priorities on patient and consumer engagement while investing in AI-powered digital solutions to help deliver proactive and relevant communications. These facts reiterate that this strategy is not just a fad but an opportunity for health systems to take the reins on growing their patient population.


AI has allowed us to move faster, smarter, and at a scale that previously wasn’t thought possible. But how does AI fit into healthcare, and what role might it play in creating deeper, more meaningful patient experiences? 

Listen to Chris Hemphill’s discussion with healthcare leaders about how AI-driven approaches can be used to better understand patients and what is most important to them.  

Can AI Drive Authentic Patient Experiences?