Infographic: Patient Engagement in 2022


People want more from their doctors — and those expectations continue to climb. This new data shines a light on the consumerization of healthcare trend that has blurred the line between patient and consumer. When a person can order dinner from an app from their favorite restaurant, or have a customized experience with their favorite brand, they expect (and want!) to receive proactive and highly relevant information from their doctor.

Report reveals what's working (and not) when it comes to patient-provider communication.

Historically, healthcare systems and providers have been slow to adopt or prioritize the kinds of technology that not only engage patients digitally, but also activate them to start their care journey(s). It’s encouraging to see this changing as more providers recognize the need to improve their patient activation strategies.

But there is still work to be done. As the healthcare industry looks to the future, it will be vital to put the patient at the center of both marketing and clinical strategies, with an emphasis on engagement + activation.

Download the full research report to learn where health systems have made noteworthy progress and where opportunities still exist for meeting patient engagement expectations. 

Patient Engagement in 2022