Better Medication Adherence is Just a Phone Call Away

Outbound calling powered by Actium Health CENTARI™ led to a 4.25 quality star rating by addressing medication non-adherence. 

Case Study Highlights

  • 62% conversion rate with patients making appointments
  • $150k bonus from a commercial insurer
  • 2.25 increase in overall star rating
  • 5 stars on nearly all measures of medication adherence

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Prioritizing Quality Improvement

A large New England health system developed an organization-wide priority to increase its Overall Hospital Quality Star Rating. Scoring consistently between 2 and 3 stars, it knew that higher star ratings led directly to increased market share, more competitive clinician recruitment, and additional revenue through quality bonuses. It set a goal of surpassing 4 stars and targeted its efforts in areas with significant potential for improvement. 

The organization’s team decided to focus on medication adherence. Medication adherence in the areas of diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol are triple-weighted in the star rating system, and they knew many patients would greatly benefit from more regular medication use. 

However, several barriers were getting in the way, including: 

  • – Perceived benefit of the treatment 
  • – Health literacy level 
  • – Continuity of care 
  • – Patient-provider relationship 
  • – Severity of symptoms 
  • – Understanding of side effects 

The team wanted to surpass 4 stars in their rating, and they wanted to improve outcomes for their patients. They decided to work with Actium Health to target non-compliant patients, address any barriers to medication adherence, and boost their star rating. 

annual wellness visits star rating
healthcare medication adherence


Star Rating Goal

The Solution – How It Worked

The health system integrated the Actium Health CENTARI platform with its EMR and other patient data sources. By pulling from multiple data points and leveraging AI to develop a dynamic, targeted patient audience, the organization had everything it needed to run an effective outbound calling campaign. 

  1. The Actium Health team integrated CENTARI with the system’s EMR and other patient data sources. 
  2. Then, CENTARI developed a dynamic audience of patients who had been prescribed medications for diabetes, hypertension, or cholesterol. Each patient with a PDC score of less than 80% (categorized as non-compliant) was tagged.
  3. Using CENTARI’s AI capabilities, the audience was sorted to prioritize patients most likely to increase compliance. 
  4. Call agents used the CENTARI platform to access their patient lists and track calls inviting patients to make an appointment. 
  5. Because the platform syncs in real-time, multiple staff members could make calls, take notes, and track results from anywhere. 
  6. Finally, CENTARI alerted primary care physicians to address medication adherence directly with the patient, resolving the bulk of the patient’s barriers. 

1 PDC, or proportion of days covered, is a widely used method of measuring medication adherence.

Results – The Power of a Phone Call

Outbound calling is more personal and effective than text and email alone. However, lengthy spreadsheets, error-prone call tracking, and insufficient data often limit or prevent outreach effectiveness. CENTARI simplifies outbound calling, resulting in:  

  • – Happier patients with personal, targeted phone calls 
  • – Happier and more productive staff 
  • – Better outcomes for the highest risk patients 
  • – Measurable progress through sophisticated reporting capabilities 
  • – Increased quality reimbursements in the areas you need it most 
medication adherence increase quality star rating


Conversion rate with patients making appointments 



Bonus from a commercial insurer  



Increase in overall star rating 

“To meet patients’ expectations, achieve loyalty and drive improved health outcomes, healthcare systems and providers need to think beyond patient engagement, to patient activation.”

Founder and CEO, Actium Health

A Giant Leap in Medication Adherence

Targeted, AI-driven quality campaigns led to powerful results for this health system. Not only was it able to accurately identify patients who were non-compliant using data from its EMR, but the prioritized patient lists maximized providers’ ability to make a real impact on outcomes. This led directly to healthier and happier patients — and better ratings and new revenue for the system. 

This health system successfully met its goal — a transformational increase in its star rating, quality bonus revenue, and a more competitive posture. Plus, with CENTARI and the ability to build additional intelligent campaigns at their fingertips, it can move the needle on countless other quality metrics as well. 


Increased medication adherence


Giant leap in star rating


Quality bonus revenue

Better Data, Better Results – Request a Demo

Actium Health CENTARI was designed to help hospitals, health systems, and clinics boost patient care in the areas that matter most. Learn more about how CENTARI is transforming systems through:  

  • – Seamless integration with all of your patient data sources 
  • – Prioritized patient audience based on patient risk level and likelihood of engagement 
  • – Patient-centered, personalized intelligent campaigns 
  • – Outbound calling, simplified 
  • – Clean and simple user interface and one-click campaigns 
  • – Reporting that directly attributes results to your campaigns 

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