Predictive Power Pays Dividends for Virtua Health

How the health system improved lives and financials by identifying their highest risk patients with Actium Health

Case Study Highlights

  • Highly accurate audiences – Leveraging existing EHR data and AI propensity models, Virtua Health targeted their highest risk patients in priority service lines.
  • Preventive care boost – Campaigns led to over 10,000 primary and preventive care appointments over three years in addition to 15,000+ appointments in other service lines.
  • Millions in new revenue – Appointments directly led to more than $25,000,000 in revenue for the health system annually.

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Thriving in a Crowded Market

Virtua Health is a large health system based in southern New Jersey. With over 400 locations, 5 hospitals, and 14,000 staff, it’s one of the top 50 healthcare brands in the country. It’s also part of a crowded healthcare market in the region. As their competitors launched expensive marketing campaigns to attract new patients, Virtua Health aimed to rise above the marketing noise.

The health system had 3 key goals with its strategic patient outreach:

  1. Identify the highest-risk patients who were likely to engage in care.
  2. Activate its existing patient base to increase access to necessary care.
  3. Drive revenue in priority service lines.

EHR Data

Target high risk patients in prioritized service lines

The Actium Health Approach

In order to take a more strategic approach to patient outreach, Virtua Health decided to work with Actium Health to identify high-risk patients in 11 priority service lines including cardiovascular, women’s health and orthopedics. The health system leveraged Actium Health’s predictive AI models to unlock insights in its EHR data and generate highly targeted audiences for its campaigns. 

Actium Health powered Virtua Health’s campaigns through a four-step approach:

  1. Connect: AI models connected to Virtua Health’s various patient datasets and trained on their unique patient data.
  2. Predict: These tailored AI models uncovered hidden correlations to identify and predict patient needs, preferences, risks, and activation potential.
  3. Prioritize: Outreach was prioritized and throttled to optimize patient volume according to Virtua Health’s goals.
  4. Activate: Seamless channel integration fostered hyper-targeted outreach with capacity awareness and reporting metrics.

Advanced Targeting Yields Millions in Revenue

By leveraging the power of its patient data along with Actium Health’s sophisticated AI models, Virtua Health was able to yield millions in revenue and impact the lives of tens of thousands of its patients.

  • Over 25,000 new patient appointments in four years
  • Majority of appointments led to procedures
  • Millions in direct revenue attribution
  • More than 21x ROI

Key Campaign Findings 

High scheduled to completed rate 

By targeting the highest risk patients – the patients most in need of care and willing to engage – 66 percent of new patient appointments led to necessary procedures.

Engagement through education

Patients who received educational information through targeted nurture campaigns were more than three percentage points more likely to book an appointment.

Effective communication, not overcommunication

Despite some overlap in the audiences of various campaigns, engagement and conversions remained high. Average open rates were over 46 percent and even higher for patients with additional touchpoints, leading to more appointments scheduled.

Outreach based on capacity

Virtua Health was able to drive growth in priority service lines without hitting capacity constraints by throttling audience outreach communications accordingly.


Over 25,000

new patient appointments in four years 



of appointments led to procedures


$25M+ in revenue for the health system annually

More than 21x ROI

“Working with Actium Health has reshaped how we connect people to services. Our approach reaches the right patients at the right point in their journeys to make a difference. With this type of activation, we are helping people find the expert clinicians and services that can provide the best outcomes. As a by-product, we also create new revenue channels through these targeted journeys and provide resources that empower people as consumers of healthcare.”

VP of Marketing, Virtua Health

Continuing the Evolution of Patient Outreach

Virtua Health has tapped into a key differentiator for its system – providing patients with highly relevant messaging, driving them to needed care, and generating substantial revenue. Going forward, the health system plans to expand on this strategy to:

  • – Further position it as a leader in its region, attracting new patients and retaining its current base.
    – Identify new campaigns and drive growth in additional service lines with new AI models.

Actium Health works with other health systems across the country, like Virtua Health, to:

  • – Unlock insights in existing patient data.
  • – Develop prioritized, high-risk patient audiences.
  • – Deliver patient communications that maximize engagement.
  • – Automatically throttle communications to match capacity.
  • – Track conversion and campaign attribution.

Seamless integration with all your patient data sources


Prioritized patient audience based on risk level and likelihood of engagement


Patient-centered, personalized intelligent campaigns

Better Data, Better Results – Request a Demo

Actium Health CENTARI was designed to help hospitals and health systems boost patient care in the areas that matter most. Request a demo today to learn more about how CENTARI is transforming systems through: 

  • – Seamless integration with all of your patient data sources 
  • – Prioritized patient audience based on patient risk level and likelihood of engagement 
  • – Patient-centered, personalized intelligent campaigns 
  • – Outbound calling, simplified 
  • – Clean and simple user interface and one-click campaigns 
  • – Reporting that directly attributes results to your campaigns 

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