Supercharging Bariatrics Marketing with Propensity Models

Discover how Virtua Health partnered with Actium to identify patients who may be in need of bariatric surgery and launched outreach campaigns that resulted in over $3 million in new revenue. 

Case Study Highlights

  • 8,500 appointments scheduled
  • 470 bariatric surgeries performed
  • $3M+ in revenue directly attributed
  • 30% email open rate

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Bariatric surgery is the most effective and long-lasting treatment for severe obesity, but less than one percent of the eligible population undergo the weight loss surgery. Virtua Health, the largest health system in South Jersey with 400+ locations, needed a strategy to boost bariatric volume and connect with patients long-term.

The Challenge

They had the opportunity to improve multiple diseases for their patients through the surgery including Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, sleep apnea, and certain cancers. However, they faced multiple challenges: 

  • Patient data was siloed and hard to access, making identifying the right patients difficult 
  • Measurement, reporting, and attribution tools were in beginning stages 
  • Digital acquisition efforts focused externally were insufficient 
bariatric marketing campaign


Eligible population
undergo bariatric surgery

The Solution

Virtua Health wanted to identify patients who might need bariatric surgery as an option while providing multiple educational tools and resources related to weight loss and healthy living in general. They began to work with Actium Health to unlock insights in their patient data and develop a prioritized target list based on their unique patient base. They didn’t ask for weight loss information, but rather predicted patient interest based on multiple variables in Virtua Health’s various datasets. 


Because Virtua Health was able to identify the right target patient list – patients who would benefit from the educational materials and resources they offered – they experienced high engagement in their campaign with a 30% open rate, nearly 40% higher than industry average. 

They opened a direct line of communication with their patients to engage with the health system through educational tools and resources like free learning webinars. This helped them strengthen the relationships with their patients, especially for those not interested in services immediately. 

Their highly accurate patient prioritization meant that many patients targeted were, in fact, immediately interested in services, leading the campaign to experience dramatic results. Over 8,500 appointments can be attributed to this bariatric campaign – appointments in areas ranging from bariatrics to pulmonology, nutrition, and primary care – getting patients through their doors for needed visits. 

Virtua Health also experienced a 53% increase in new patient appointments, connecting patients to new service lines within their system. Furthermore, CENTARI™ was able to take the guesswork out of the campaign, automating non-responder outreach to boost leads by 31%. 

bariatric marketing


Appointments scheduled across multiple service areas



Bariatric surgeries performed



Revenue directly attributed to the bariatric campaign

“Working with Actium Health didn’t help us meet our marketing goals, it helped us redefine them. Now, we reach the right patients, at the right time, driving them to the care they want and need while developing a lifetime relationship with our existing patients.”

VP of Marketing, Virtua Health

Building Lifetime Relationships with Patients

Virtua Health’s patient activation strategy is always-on. They use CENTARI™ for various campaigns so they are consistently nurturing and reactivating their patient population. 

Actium Health works with other health systems across the country, like Virtua Health, to – 

  • Unlock insights into the EHR to activate existing patients
  • Develop prioritized patient target lists based on the level of risk
  • Deliver patient communications that maximize engagement
  • Automatically throttle communications by available capacity
  • Track conversion and campaign attribution

Unlock patient data


Develop patient target lists


Enable capacity sensing

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