Transforming Patient Access and Engagement Through the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Discover how a large regional health system partnered with Actium Health to deliver proactive, personalized engagement for >500k patients.

Case Study Highlights

  • $1M incremental growth
  • 380% lift in annual wellness visits
  • 15% increase in total patient bookings
  • >500k patients received proactive and personalized engagement

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Next Best Actions for Every Patient

With outreach efforts limited to predictable, one-size-fits-all formulas, new bookings had stagnated at a large, regional health system. Actium Health’s CENTARI™ platform was chosen to provide the intelligence needed to unlock the value hidden in over 500K patient records. 

After connecting the organizations’ siloed customer data sets, CENTARI’s sophisticated AI was able to accurately predict individual patient needs, preferences, and risks.

These insights were used to prioritize ‘next best actions’ (those actions best aligned with patient needs and health system objectives) for each patient. Within a month, the health system was engaging with patients like never before.

Attributing Influence to Outcomes

With its end-to-end data reporting, Actium removed the guesswork around attributing influence to measurable ROI at the individual-patient level.

Over the course of the 2018-2019 fiscal year the health system generated significant revenue lift, with bookings, wellness visits, and annual profits all rising dramatically. 


Advancing Triple-Aim Strategies

In recent years the health system had generated so much data that it was a struggle to identify and track at-risk and non-compliant patients. 

By adding Actium’s CENTARI platform to their pre-existing adherence outreach program, previously overlooked patients were immediately identified and paired with a next best action. 

In concert with outreach by the call center team, CENTARI also armed providers with a breakdown of Predictive Value Positive Results (PVPs). This coordinated approach led to an immediate uptick in patient conversions. 



Incremental value



Annual wellness visits



Total patient bookings

The health system is scaling up CENTARI across their network, extending the benefits of CRM intelligence to all specialty care groups and ancillary hospital services lines.

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