Prioritized Breast-Cancer Screening Outreach Impacts 1,395 Lives

Discover how Actium partnered with Virtua Health to deliver targeted, proactive, outreach strategies.

Case Study Highlights

  • How Virtua Health identified patients 15X more likely to have breast cancer
  • 11,310 mammograms scheduled despite COVID-19 pandemic
  • 1,395 lives positively impacted via early breast cancer diagnosis
  • 9,793 life years gained

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At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, mammogram screenings all but stopped as health systems delayed or cancelled elective procedures, putting lives at risk. Virtua Health – an award-winning comprehensive community healthcare system comprising five hospitals and 270+ locations in South New Jersey and Philadelphia – was ready to restart mammograms screenings.

Once their facilities had implemented appropriate pandemic safety practices, the most crucial task was identifying high-risk patients for urgent screening and encouraging bookings.

The Challenge

Early detection of breast cancer is critical. Unfortunately, fears of COVID-19 caused many women to delay or cancel tests and screenings. Virtua Health turned to Actium ’s CRM intelligence platform to identify and prioritize outreach to patients with the highest risk, compared to the general population.

Unlike traditional patient marketing, which blankets the market in the hopes of reaching the right patients, Virtua Health took a hyper-targeted, data-driven approach, using Actium’s solution to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the campaign and establish trust with wary patients.

breast cancer screening

1 in 8

Women will develop invasive
breast cancer

The Solution

Virtua Health leveraged Actium Health’s CENTARI™ CRM Intelligence Platform to identify high-risk patients. Going far beyond demographics and patient history, CENTARI’s AI models probe multidimensional EHR, payer, claims and third-party datasets and observe millions of local population encounters to identify patients up to 15x more likely to have breast cancer vs the general population.

In addition to finding those patients whose next best action was a breast cancer screening. Actium’s platform also developed customized communication journeys for each individual, digitally engaging patients with personalized content via their preferred channels of communication. Campaign messages focused on the availability and safety of appointments and encouraged immediate scheduling.


Virtua Health realized 6x ROI on the campaign and the human impact surpassed all expectations. From March 2020 through May 2021, 11,310 mammograms were scheduled, As a result, 1,395 breast cancer diagnoses were made in patients who may have otherwise postponed screening due to pandemic-related fears.

Timely diagnosis has a tremendous positive impact on both patients and their families. Once a breast-cancer patient is diagnosed, she can begin receiving therapeutic intervention, typically adding years to her life. Thanks to this multiplier effect, the Virtua Health breast-cancer-screening outreach campaign resulted in an astonishing 9,793 life years reclaimed for its patients.

breast cancer screening


Mammograms scheduled from March 2020 to May 2021



Breast cancer diagnoses made



Life-years reclaimed for patients

“With Actium’s proactive, AI-driven outreach campaigns, we were truly able to touch people’s lives, influencing more than a thousand lives being affected by breast cancer.”

VP of Marketing, Virtua Health

Up Next at Virtua Health

Following the success of CENTARI’s AI-driven outreach for breast-cancer screening, Virtua Health is now implementing “Always On” next-best-action outreach campaigns — encompassing colorectal cancer (CRC) screening, cardiology and orthopedics. In step with their clinical partners, the Virtua Health marketing team continues to proactively engage their patients in relevant 1:1 dialogues to address health needs in a meaningful way.


CRC screening





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